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So I can't talk about this...

Seriously, I had an audition yesterday and they made me sign an NDA. For those of you who don't know thats a non disclosure agreement. They are becoming more and more common in the industry, particularly in certain narrative "universes". Opps! did I say too much?

This audition was like no other that I've ever had in that they really wanted me to play me! I'll say more in the future.. It felt weird at first because I'm a trained actor and I wanted to make a character! Yet they wanted to see me. (four year degree from NYU Tisch, plus years of study outside of college with various studios and teachers). I wanted to act! But... being just me was awesome!!!! Nothing felt forced and I knew exactly what I was doing. Scratch that, I didn't need to know what I was doing b/c all I had todo was be me!

Oh yeah, they called, Im on hold for the role:) And then like a curtain rising I realized that I needed do more this more often always in my work. I'll keep you posted on how this goes but I got a call back!!

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