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Product Shots

Product shots are a necessary tool for getting your products seen and admired.  Wheather you're displaying your photos 6 feet tall at a trade show, or simply posting them online, a good product shot can make all your hard work stand out from the crowd.  All of Sam's product shots are done in the highest quality macro formating to ensure the best showcasing of your work.   

How it works

Step 1

Tell Sam what you need

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Step 2

Send Sam your products

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Step 3

Receive beautiful images

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Product Pricing

Simple Backgrounds (white, black, & grey)

   1-10   Images: $35.00 each

   10-20 Images: Save 5%

   20-40 Images: Save 10%

   40 +   Images. Please call for special pricing. (575) 224-6699

What's Included:

- Free Consultations

  Not sure exactly what you need?  Not a problem.  Call Sam and he's happy to walk you through your options and advise you what the industry is

  doing and what you'll likely be happy with.  Our best customers are our returning customers so you can be sure Sam will always be honest and

  genuine when recommending an option. 


- Free Basic Retouching

  All images are color corrected for vibrance and brillance.  Whites are pure white and blacks are pure black ensuring that professional look.  Got a

  flaw or a scratch in the product?  Not to worry.  Basic retouching means any unsightly blemishes or marks are removed for that flawless look. 


- High Resolution Images

  All images are formated to your exact specifications and delivered ready for printing and posting.  


- Unlimited Use

  Your images are yours. Never will there be any limits on their use for your promotion.  (Third parties excepted). 


- Free Online Proofing

  When your photos are ready for your approval they will be posted to an easy to use online gallery where you'll see choices of different angles and

  lighting. Every piece gets one free retouch so proofing is where you pick the images for retoucing.  What happens if you want more than one shot of   the same piece?  Not to worry. Additional retouched images are available for $25 each.  


- Direct Customer Service

  Sam Joseph Photography is a boutique studio.  That means you always speak directly to Sam, ensuring you always get what you need. 


- Money Back Guarantee

  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your images and feel Sam Joseph Photography is unable to remedy the problem adequetly; your money

  will be returned to you right away.  


More More More

  Need something other than just a clean background? Got an idea for a campaign? Or need an idea for a campaign? Call Sam and for an additional fee Sam will work with you to come up with a unique beautiful campaign to fit your products' needs. Price based on time and expenses.  

Call for details: (575) 224-6699

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