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Actor reminder:

I am very very lucky; headshot photography is my day job – NO it’s more than a day job it’s a passion and the reason I’ve been able to stay and live in NYC while also having an acting career.

Part of my job is reading and staying up on what’s going on in the industry; which is amazing. But I’ve notice something: Actors need to be reminded that they are here for themselves! Really? Actors? Yes!!

I just got an email from a young performer asking if “it was OK” to tell me what they wanted from a photo-session prior to the shoot!!!!!!

YES!!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!! Not only is it OK, but if it doesn’t sound like I can give you what you want, how you want it, in an environment you’ll feel comfortable in (or god forbid enjoy) then I DON’T DESERVE YOUR MONEY!

I think actors often feel guilty about pursuing a path that has the potential for so much fun; that somehow we aren’t being serious cause we’ve chosen acting as our goal. Well, I’m here to tell ya: it’s only not serious if you don’t take it seriously.

So take a deep breath, do your homework, and then give yourself permission to enjoy the ride, cause it’s already started….

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