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Hi there, 

Click above to watch a little video about me and my business courtesy of Wix. Otherwise, let me tell you a little about myself here:  I grew up in DC and after traveling for a year after high school I moved to NYC to become an actor.  I attended NYU Tisch and after graduating spent years pounding the pavement as a ‘would be’ actor. 

After working countless day jobs I picked up the camera my father taught me how to use when I was a kid.  At first I was just shooting actor friends for free but as I read books and practiced more they kept insisting on paying me.  Finally, after much encouragement from friends and family, I opened Sam Joseph Photography in 2011 and haven’t regretted it a bit. 


Not only do I simply love the art of photography, but owning my own business has allowed me to be more of an actor than when I was waiting tables.  And the best part is I get to meet and work with actors almost every day.  If you'd like to meet for a consultation prior to booking I'm more than happy to meet for a soda or whatever almost anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn.  


When it comes to capturing people on camera, I find that the most interesting shots always have bit of the personality of person being photographed.  Too often in this business the emphasis is put on how beautiful the person is - but when we think about the artists that truly inspire and deliver truth on stage or on film, it’s never about how pretty they are - but rather what they bring to a given character.  Whether I’m shooting headshots, events, or even products, I always strive to bring a bit of the inner beauty forward rather than just focusing on the superficial.  Believe me, I want your shots to shine as much as you do!


What other folk are saying...


Dear Sam,


It was a pleasure working with you not only because of the high quality of your work but also because you made me feel welcome.  I have had a wonderful time at my new position and am sure that your
photos caught their attention.  I hope there may be other opportunities to work with you.  


With best wishes in your career,


take care,


-Jean-Pierre Gangne-


"Awesome. I am in loVe. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you!"


-Anaiz Rome-

Hey Sam,

First of all, I wanted to open with letting you know that the pictures look GREAT...Thank you so much for being flexible and extremely accommodating for my first professional headshot experience, it was a great one- very relaxed and enjoyable...thank you so much for all your help with these. Both my mother and I are very pleased with them.


-Matthew S. Hays-



You really do know what you are talking about!! It looks so much more natural with the reflection.Thank you for showing me so clearly the difference between the look and feel of the photo. You are so amazing for more than one reason: for knowing your craft so well and for being so meticulous...You are ridiculously awesome...




In endless appreciation,


-Madeleine Miceli-



You are Brooklyn's best kept secret...your work is so honest and real. The photos even in their unedited state resonate your incredible skill in capturing people in their true element. What an easy person you are to work with and so diligent and dedicated to making your clients happy!


Cheers to you you flyyy guy :)




Thanks Sam!


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I can not wait to release the photos!


P.S. I noticed you had The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success in your reading log. I decided to go home and read it! Thank you







I’ve just started navigating this and what I’ve seen is lovely.  Thank you so very much!!  I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did.  You have made this event an extended pleasure, making you and your work also absolute pleasures (thank you for such sweet words).





I have been working nights on a commercial the past 2 days..  THANK YOU!!! These look so GREAT!! I'm so happy with them! Thank you for the extra work!



Hey Sam


.. all is good ... love the photos. Got my first audition with them today for a guest role on a new major TV show. Thanks for all the great work. Would certainly use you again and have already pushed you with other actors.



Sam Sam,

You are the man,

The best Damn Sam, in all the Land.

Lol.  For real though - thank you.  These are excellent.  Most appreciated, will definitely be using you again whenever I need shots, and will be sure to refer people to you if anyone ever asks me,


Thanks again!


-Doug Cohen-

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