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Who is Sam???

Who is Sam? Sam has been acting since he was a young child. At age 15 he got his first agent and began pounding the pavement as best he could; doing TV pilots and getting small roles in commercials here and there. After receiving a BFA in Acting from NYU’s Tisch School via the Atlantic Theatre conservatory Sam has continued to realize his dream of being a professional actor. Wait, I thought Sam was a photographer??? Yes. Back in 2011 Sam decided he was tired of waiting between roles and picked up a camera. He had learned basic photography from his father as a kid on a 1960s Canon FTb. After extensive reading and practice Sam had become proficient enough where his acting friends had started asking for headshots. Liking what he then considered a great artistic outlet between acting gigs Sam invested in more books and more equipment. Fast Forward to the present and Sam has been able to quit his day job and depends solely on photography and acting for his income. Today, Sam couldn’t be happier to have photography in his life. While still pursuing an acting career (He was recently on Person Of Interested as the 2nd in command Trinitario Gang member) Sam primarily shoots actors headshots while doing the occasional event here and there. As of March 2015 Sam has been cast as the lead bad guy in an indie Cowboy movie. The start date has yet to be determined, so fingers crossed it’s soon.

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