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First, why this blog about acting?

I wanted to start this blog in the hopes of creating an insight into the trials and tribulations of the working actors of NYC. Hopefully you’ll find the content useful to understanding the complex matrix that is being a New York actor. If anything however, maybe you’ll just like to be reminded from time to time that the struggle isn’t only your own. And that there is a large, if not often disparate community of people out there that are hindered, intrigued, annoyed and inspired by the same things you are. If you happen to be new to acting and are coming across this post and finding it negative or discouraging, do not despair, but understand that the world of acting and further the world of art cannot make your happy, only your relationship to your own art can make you happy; that is to say your ability to nurture your own creativity in regards to that which you find inspiring. The art world is primarily concerned with serving it self. What is fresh and good is often trumped by what makes money and is trite. That being said New York City contains an exciting fun world of artist, ideas, and opportunities to create and inspire within the acting scene and I hope you find you place.

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